About Kaleidys Boutique

A world of unique and refined jewels

Cristina Lottero has always had the passion for design and creation of unique and alternative jewels that she creates exclusively in Albissola Mare, famous city for it's pottery (LIGURIA ITALY).
Thanks to the her ceramistic experience she applies his creative flair to natural clay and also and above all to innovative materials such as synthetic clays and metallic clays, creating jewelry and design objects in different new manufacturing techniques.
All her creations are unique pieces, absolutely handmade and range from the warm or cold colors (gold, silver, copper) of the bronze clays, to the delicate pastel nuances color of synthetic clays.

Cristina uses different materials: natural pearls, crystals, semiprecious gems such as turquoise, amethyst, quartzes, agate, jade, "titanium mesh" and whatever the fantasy suggests. All Cristina's collections are made in a single exemplary without molds or replicate techniques. Therefore the images published on this site offer the jewels as their realy appear.
Further information and references on Cristina Lottero are also accessible on the website www.cristinalottero.com or bijoux.cristinalottero.com

Take care of your jewelry!
Cristina's jewels and bijoux require few basic attention for them correct conservation:
- take care to avoid knocks anf falls
- store them in a soft case away from light and heat sources,
- to cleaning jewelry use microfiber cloths
- if is possibile use the appropriate jewelry cloths , to clean the metal components.
- to cleaning jewels avoid direct contact with water or other liquid
- avoid direct contact vith perfumes, hairsprays and any alcohol-based subastnce, that could compromise its color and shine.